sustainable fiber

Alpaca fiber comes from the fleece of the animal bearing the same name. Alpacas are mainly bred in the Peruvian Andes. Alpacas are much more eco-friendly than cashmere goats, because they cut the grass they eat instead of pulling it out, which allows for the grass to keep growing. Additionally, Alpacas have soft padding under their feet, which is more gentle for the soil than goat or sheep hooves.

They need very little water and food to survive and produce enough wool for 4 or 5 sweaters per year while a goat needs 4 years to produce just one cashmere sweater.

Finally, buying alpaca supports indigenous communities in Peru who often live under the poverty line.


Alpacas eat ONLY 1% TO 2% OF THEIR WEIGHT PER DAY while cashmere goats eat 10% of their body weight per day
Alpacas can produce 4 TO 5 SWEATERS PER YEAR while cashmere goats need 4 years to produce only 1 sweater