non-sustainable fiber

Cashmere fiber comes from cashmere goat hairs. More than 80% of the world’s cashmere is produced in China and Mongolia.

The main environmental issue stemming from cashmere is due to the fact that goats pull the grass out by the roots when they eat instead of cutting it. As a result, the grass does not grow back, leading to land desertification. This, combined with an overpopulation of goats, results in a real environmental threat.

Mongolia is now suffering the consequences of this overgrazing through cashmere goats. The breeding of more than 20 million cashmere goats is the principal cause of the massive desertification threatening 90% of the surface of the country.

4 YEARS ARE NECESSARY for a goat to grow enough hair to produce just 1 sweater
Goats eat 10% OF THEIR BODY WEIGHT every day, while alpacas eat  1% or 2%