Bespoke India Textile Tour

The textile industry has a very special role in India. Not only can you discover hundreds of unique ancestral handicraft techniques, but it is also the best country to fully understand the modern textile supply chain. From the cotton production to the garment manufacturing to ginning, spinning, knitting and dyeing processes, every single step of garment production is present in India.

Because we think it is a fascinating way to discover a country and a unique way to deeply understand the textile supply chain or discover amazing handicraft artwork, we are offering bespoke travel packages to India with the textile industry as a central focus.

We are working in collaboration with a partner travel agency based in Paris. Mathilde Charpail who will be the organizer and guide has been living in India and fell in love with the country and its people. She has broad connexions in the Indian textile industry and will introduce you to the traditional handicraft, the conventional modern production and the environmentally and socially sustainable production.

Traditional Handicraft

hand block printing

With its millennia-old culture, India offers myriad craft techniques of embroidery, knitting, dyes and printing. Every region has its own traditional techniques and cultural heritage. Discovering this unique handicraft is a fabulous way to discover India and its regional specificities. Contact us to organize a bespoke tour of traditional handicraft.

Conventional textil supply chain

textile factory

India is one of the largest cotton producer and the second largest garment exporter. We offer to guide you through the entire textile supply chain from cotton field to spinning, knitting to garment manufacture, with a particular focus on the environmental and social challenges of the industry.

Sustainable production

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Besides some horrific natural resources contamination and harsh labour practices, India is also the land of thousands of sustainable businesses and entrepreneurs who combine ancestral techniques and modern approach to produce beautiful products without arming people and nature. We can guide you through some of those incredible projects which help giving faith in humanity.