Who we are

Mathilde Charpail

Sustain Your Style is an initiative launched in 2017 by Mathilde Charpail, to inform fashion consumers about the current issues of the industry and about the available alternatives. Sustain Your Style also aims to promote sustainable fashion brands, initiatives, and practices with the objective of supporting the whole sustainable fashion movement.

We are Berlin-based organization. We believe that economic relationships have to be driven by respect, trust, and long-term vision rather than profit and greed alone and that it is possible to be successful while still respecting workers, consumers, partners and the environment. We believe that we are destroying our planet and that we urgently need to reverse this trend for our own sake and for future generations.

We have acquired an extensive knowledge of the fashion industry social and environmental issues and the available solutions. We are happy to share this knowledge with people or organizations interested in the subject or willing to take the sustainability road.