Who we are

Mathilde Charpail

Sustain Your Style is an initiative launched in 2017 by Mathilde Charpail, to inform fashion consumers about the current issues in the industry and the available alternatives.

At Sustain Your Style, we believe that our planet is in danger due to our overconsumption and that we urgently need to reverse this trend for our own sake and for future generations. We believe that economic relationships have to be driven by respect, trust, and long-term vision rather than profit and greed alone and that it is possible to be successful while still respecting workers, consumers, partners and the environment. We believe that it is critical to provide equal access to well researched information in native languages and to bridge existing knowledge, communication and culture gaps. 

We understand that only together we can achieve SDG and make our planet a more beautiful and sustainable place. We aim to connect people of different cultural backgrounds around the sustainable fashion movement, using clothes and style as universal language, accessible to all. 

Sustain Your Style promotes sustainable fashion innovations, practices and brands with the objective of encouraging the shift of the fashion industry towards a more sustainable model. 

Sustain Your Style is a not-for-profit organisation based in Berlin. Its leadership role in raising awareness, providing new ideas and solutions around sustainable fashion and environmental issues worldwide makes it a perfect point of contact for those who are interested in the subject and are ready to integrate sustainability into their life, work, business, product design or a brand. We are happy to share this knowledge with you. 


Olga Johnston Antonova, joined the project in 2019 in order to expand its reach to the Russian speaking audiences, making Sustain Your Style the first comprehensive Russian language platform about sustainable fashion in the world.